About me


I’m Diana Musabayeva and I love chess.

I have two brothers Maxim and Alexander, my dad is an electrician and my mom works as a babysitter for family help.

My family gives me every opportunity to grow and support.

My brother Maxim is in the top 10 of best youth players in his age category. In 2019, Flemish champion -10 and East Flemish champion. In 2018 East Flemish champion.

I dream of becoming the Belgian woman’s grandmaster.

An overview of my achievements

2022 Draw against GM Judith Polgar ELO – 2675
2022 Belgian female champion -16
2021 Belgian female champion -14
2021 Second lady of Belgian championship (adults), 2021
2020 Belgian female champion -14 (online edition)
2020 Flemish femal champion -14
2019 East Flemish female champion -14
2019 4 th place in the European Championship Girls -12
2019 Belgian female champion -12,
2019 Flemish female champion -12,
2018 East Flemish female champion -12
2017 East Flemish female champion -12
2017 Belgian female champion -10,
2017 Flemish female champion -10
2016 Eastern Flemish female champion -10

And with more than 20 tournament wins between boys and girls I know how to stand my ground.

You can find my Belgian national elo here.

You can follow my international ELO here


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